Unexpected error messages regarding an update of the Fabasoft Folio Browser Extension (Chromium Issue 1338586)Permanent link for this heading

Last update: 29 June 2022 (gs)

SummaryPermanent link for this heading

While working with a Chromium based Browser, like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, the error message "The web browser extension was updated. To continue, you must reload the web browser page (e.g. by pressing the F5 key)." is displayed even though no changes to the browser extensions or the local installation of the Fabasoft Folio Client have been performed, in this situation certain operations like opening documents or copying objects to the clipboard will no longer work and repeatedly trigger these error messages.

InformationPermanent link for this heading

The cause of these messages is a problem introduced in Chromium 103 where extensions that where installed via Group Policies, by using the ExtensionInstallForceList setting, will be re-installed every time Microsoft Windows refreshes the Group Policies, which by default is every 4 hours.

This issue has been recorded as Issue 1338586 for the Chromium project and was introduced with Chromium 103 and according to the currently available information should be fixed with Chromium 104.

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The currently only available method to address the issue is to downgrade Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to the previous not affected release version 102 and to wait for the release of version 104 which should include a fix for this issue.

Last known unaffected browser versionsPermanent link for this heading

  • Google Chrome 102.0.5005.61
  • Microsoft Edge 102.0.1246.50

Applies toPermanent link for this heading

  • Fabasoft Folio 2016 and newer
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2016 and newer

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