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Last update: 21 February 2018

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A XML text node limit for SOAP requests was introduced with Fabasoft Folio 2011 Winter Release. The limit for each text node is 10 MB.
Therefore if you use Fabasoft's SOAP interface to transmit data to Fabasoft Folio and your data is larger than 10 MB, you might get an error message like this one:

error: xmlSAX2Characters: huge text node: out of memory .

The limit of 10 MB for XML text nodes was introduced in Fabasoft Folio 2011 Winter Release because of performance issues converting documents from base64 to binary format.
Fabasoft recommends to change the 3rd party SOAP interface to use SOAP with Attachments (SwA) to avoid large XML transmissions and base64/binary conversions.

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  • Reduce the size of the base64 coded attachments
  • Change to SOAP with Attachments (SwA)

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  • Fabasoft Folio 2011 Winter Release (and later)
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012 (and later)

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