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First published: 28 March 2024 (cf)

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Fabasoft Folio provides two ways of consistency checks for your MMC Services data: A consistency check between database and MMC Service areas, and an MD5 check for data consistency of files.

This article explains the usage of both consistency checks.

Consistency check of MMC Service areasPermanent link for this heading

This consistency check is available for every MMC area type. The check reads and calculates paths from the database, and checks the availability of the corrensponding files in the MMC Service area. Missing files are reported to the logfile.

Use this call for running the consistency check:

fscadmin --action checkconsistency --service 2 --logfile <log>

  • --action checkconsistency Checks the existance of all referenced files in the target MMC Service
  • --service 2 executes against the specified MMC Service id
  • --logfile <log> logs to the specified filename

Hints for running checkconsistency

  • The specified service id needs to be from an MMC Service (not COO Service)
  • The runtime may be very long, as every database entry needs to be checked against the filesystem. The procedure also creates some database and filesystem load.
  • This check does not validate the integrity of the files itself. It only checks for the existance of the files.

MD5 consistency checkPermanent link for this heading

This check is only available for the MMC area type Content Addressed Storage (CAS).

This check processes every file in the MMC Service area, re-calculates the MD5 hash of the content, and compares the hash to the filename (that, in CAS, consists of the MD5 hash). The check reports all files where the binary-calculated MD5 hash does not correspond to the filename.

This check does not communicate to COO and MMC Services. The tool needs access to the MMC Service area path.

Commandline syntax

Usage: checkcas [Options] [Commands]
-threads <number of threads>

-root <directory path>
-check <directory path> <report file>


Checking the full MMC Service area from the root (base) path. A json logfile is automatically generated in the <root>/logchecks/ subfolder of the MMC Service area.

checkcas -root "C:\MMC\MMCSVC1"

Checking the full MMC Service area, but write the log to another destination:

checkcas -check "C:\MMC\MMCSVC1" c:\logs\logfile.json

Verbose output and multiple threads (faster but more load):

checkcas -verbose -threads 4 -root "C:\MMC\MMCSVC1"

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