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Last update: 9 August 2017

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This article provides a general overview of various logfiles created by Mindbreeze and a simple guide to gather those. Additionally logfiles created in combination with Fabasoft Folio as well as the correlation of different component objects created by Mindbreeze in Fabasoft Folio are described.

Gathering Mindbreeze LogsPermanent link for this heading

When submitting Mindbreeze Logs it is always best to include as much information as possible, thus supplying the entire Mindbreeze log directory.
In case the delivery of the complete log directory is not possible (e.g. due to it's size) we can further differentiate issues and the related logfiles.
Please keep in mind that the Mindbreeze service log directories for specific services (index, client, filter, ...) are further devided into subdirectories, each representing the timespan between service restarts.
In most cases supplying e.g. the latest three subdirectories (information up to three service restarts in the past) for a specific service is sufficient.

Single Logfiles to include in any case :Permanent link for this heading

- log-mesnode.txt
- log-mesmaster.txt
- log-messdkcsandbox--Index_[Ports]

Log directories to include when facing different issues:Permanent link for this heading

No search result / Authentication issues when using the Mindbreeze Web Client:Permanent link for this heading

- Index (Query) Service Log
- Client Service Log

No search result when searching in Fabasoft Folio:Permanent link for this heading

- Index (Query) Service Log

Insufficient search results / Objects cannot be indexed or filteredPermanent link for this heading

- Index (Query) Service Log
- Filter Service Log

Any Mindbreeze configuration related issuesPermanent link for this heading

- Mindbreeze Server configuration -

Mindbreeze log files and log directoriesPermanent link for this heading

The directory Mindbreeze logfiles are created in may be changed in the "Advanced Settings" in the Mindbreeze server configuration. The default directories for Windows and Linux are:

  Windows: C:\Users\<mindbreeze service user>\AppData\Local\Temp

Linux: /var/opt/mindbreeze/log

In the Mindbreeze log directory the following directories and single logfiles are located:




information about the Mindbreeze node process and the state of various subprocesses


information about the Mindbreeze master process itself


information about the communication between Mindbreeze and the Fabasoft Kernel


information about .net based filter plugins

Note: Fileextensions of log files (.log, .txt) may vary based on the operating system and the Mindbreeze version in use.



Client Service Log


Index (Query) Service Log


Filter Service Log


Crawler Service Log

log-mescrawler-launchedservice-<Category>_<Source Name>

Log directories for specific C based filter plugins

log-messdkcsandbox2-Default-Filter@[ort]-[PluginName] ...

Log directories for specific Java based filter plugins

log-messdkjavasandbox2-Filter@[Port] ...

Mindbreeze server configuration filePermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze server configuration is saved in the mesconfig.xml file. By default the containing directory is located at:

      Windows: C:\Users\<mindbreeze service user>\AppData\Roaming\Mindbreeze\Enterprise Search\Server

Linux: /var/opt/mindbreeze


Fabasoft Folio logfiles during Mindbreeze Index UpdatePermanent link for this heading

%userprofile% represents the user profile of the Fabasoft Folio Service user. For scheduled updates, this is usually the AT Service user.



Default location


Created when the Indexing Service Object cannot create or update the index and the log location is not set manually



Contains information about the indexing process
Contains information about the recovering index process

Only created when log location set manually

Log location may be set in the Mindbreeze Indexing Service object in Fabasoft Folio in the property "Directory for Log Files".

Objects containing Mindbreeze configuration in Fabasoft Folio Permanent link for this heading



Location in Fabasoft Folio

Mindbreeze Indexing Service

Contains the indexing service configuration

Domain Administration - Domain Objects - Services

Mindbreeze Filter Service

Contains the filter service configuration

Domain Administration - Domain Objects - Services

Mindbreeze Configuration Object

Contains the configuration of which files and properties are indexed

Domain Administration - Domain Objects - Current Domain - Components Configuration - Mindbreeze *

Administration Configuration Object

The tab "Search" contains several properties to optimize performance of the ACL Check

Domain Administration - Domain Objects - Current Domain - Components Configuration - Administration *

* If the property is empty move to the parent configuration located in the "Domain Type" property.

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