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Last update: 4 August 2017

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This error indicates that a service has exceeded its maximum number of allowed connections (Default: 12288).
Due to this no new connections may be established, thereby this error may lead to performance degradation.

In case of the Fabasoft Folio Backendservices this error will be recorded in the Backend error log.
This log can be found at \Components\Server\CooSrv\files\cooXXXXX.err (whereby XXXXX is the port number of the COO Service)

For example, the log of a standard installation COO Service 1 would be found at C:\Program Files\Fabasoft\Components\Server\CooSrv\files\coo18070.err

You can use the operating system tool "netstat" to get a listing of the current connections.

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Due to the nature of this error there are multiple causes and a further analysis is needed in any case.

To get a rough overview of where the connections to the service are coming from and what their current status is, you can use the netstat system tool.

Reverse Lookup ZonesPermanent link for this heading

One of the identified causes for this error are incorrectly configured reverse lookup zones.

This guide by Microsoft explains how to verify your DNS settings: Verifying Your Basic DNS Configuration

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