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Last update: 8 March 2018

From time to time it is necessary for you as an Administrator to load a new license file into your domain either because your current license file expired or your license file has been extended for new users or new Software Components .

There are some possibilities for you to get this done. You may load the license file using the Server loader (offline) or the client loader (online).
The OFFLINE variant is commonly used in a maintenance window whereas the ONLINE variant is used for 24/7 production systems .

OfflinePermanent link for this heading

WindowsPermanent link for this heading

Loading a license file by using the Fabasoft Folio Server Management .
Narrow down to your domain in the tree and open the context menu and select All Tasks -> Load

Change to the License tab and press Browse to search for the license file.

Click on OK to start the upload.
Afterwards restart every Kernel instance (iisreset)

LinuxPermanent link for this heading

Loading a license file by using the Fabasoft Folio Web Management .
Narrow down to your domain in the tree,open context menu and select Load...

Press the Forward Button to get to the Load: Software Product Licenses menu.

Press Add License... to search for the license file.
Keep in mind that user fscsrv must have according read access to the license file!

Press the Forward Button until the upload starts.
Afterwards restart every Kernel instance ( iisreset )

OnlinePermanent link for this heading

Import the license file per Drag&Drop in an Administration Tool Folder.
Afterwards press the menu button Load Content as shown bellow.
Hint: This button may be hidden in certain projects. Have a look in the *Tools* menu instead.

Remove ghost or old license object from current domain

Open your current domain object.

Remove ghosts and old license objects by Menu Remove or Cut .

Recycle the Fabasoft Webservices.

Frequently asked questionsPermanent link for this heading

Q: License file loaded but still cannot loginPermanent link for this heading

A1: Check whether the license file matches your environment by opening the license file with a Text editor.
Check the NAT address, CPU type, Operating System, Database and CPU Type:

       COOSWCLM@1.1:servers2 = (

COOSWCLM@1.1:servercpu = CPU_X86;

  COOSWCLM@1.1:serveros2 = OS2_WINDOWS;

  COOSWCLM@1.1:serverdb = DB_SQLSERVER;

  COOSWCLM@1.1:servermacaddr = 55-66-77-88-99-00;



Check the expiration date:

       COOSWCLM@1.1:keyexpirydate = 2011-10-31 21:59:59;


A2: Kernel not restarted after loading the license file.

       iisreset or fscmgmt restart


I’ve destroyed the old license object but it is still usedPermanent link for this heading

A: You may use a (global) waste basket .
The license object has not really been destroyed but only marked as (deleted). You have to permanently remove the license object.

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