Kofax Capture A disk error occured during a read operationPermanent link for this heading

Last update: 4 August 2017

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You might have a batch in the Quality Control with this error message

       Script-Nr. 1 (Fabasoft Folio) [-2147827010 A disk error occured during a read operation.



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The name of the object that will be generated in the Fabasoft domain after exporting the batch might contain special characters ( ÖÜÄöüä<>&!"§$%/()=?#'´ ).

The most common cause is that the name of the Kofax batch contains special characters and this name will be used as object name.

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This issue has been fixed with a current build of the Fabasoft Release script:

  • (FolioPluginKofax.msi)
  • (FscCtlVrl.msi+FSCVASC)

Applies ToPermanent link for this heading

  • Fabasoft Folio 2012 Winter Release
  • Fabasoft Folio 2009 Fall Release
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 8.0 SP1

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