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Last update: 8 March 2018

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Fabasoft Folio 2014 and newer use a changed Internet Information Services authentication configuration due to performance optimizations that allow some static resources, like objectclass icons, to be loaded without authentication.

Because of this changes to the authentication settings should no longer be made at the virtual directory level and should instead be defined at "Website (Default Website)/Virtual Directory (FSC)/FSCASP/content/bin".

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This is a general overview of the new authentication layout as it is used by Fabasoft Folio 2014 and newer, for convenience it also includes the default settings used by the setup.

Website (Default Website) : Anonymous Authentication (User: IUSR)

Virtual Directory (FSC) : Anonymous Authentication (Application Pool Identity)



bin :

Authentication methods chosen by the Administrator.

Default used by Setup:

Basic Authentication

Windows Authentication without Kernel-Mode (Negotiate, NTLM)

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Any changes to this layout outside of "Website (Default Website)/Virtual Directory (FSC)/FSCASP/content/bin" can lead to complications when trying to access the Fabasoft Folio Webclient.

Keep in mind, that changes to the authentication configuration on a higher level in the hierarchy will be inherited to lower levels. Therefore, to revert changes, you have to walk through all levels of the shown layout and revise your changes.

The change to another Folio authentication methods in the Folio VAPP config (for example SAML) only requires the change of the bin authentication method in IIS. Do not change the authentication method on another level.

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Default settings used by setup

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