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Last update: 02 February 2023 (cf)

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Microsoft announced several dates in the year 2023 of automatic disabling of Internet Explorer 11 functionality in MSIE 11 Desktop App Retierment FAQ.

If your organisation still uses Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, please see this Microsoft article:

Please also consider Fabasoft’s Software Product Information (SPI) remark about support lifetime of third-party products:

A certain version of a third-party product integrated into any Fabasoft software product is supported by Fabasoft as long as the software product itself is supported by the third-party itself. For instance, a particular version of an integrated Microsoft software product is only supported by Fabasoft until the date on which the Microsoft “Extended Support Phase” for this product version ends.

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  • All Fabasoft Folio/eGov-Suite versions that had supported Microsoft Internet Explorer

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