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Last update: 4 August 2017

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fscadmin is a supporting tool which is used to manage Fabasoft Components services.

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The tool fscadmin is installed with the Fabasoft Server Management and located in the following directory:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Linux

Note: Usually the tool is accessable by the path environment variable.

By calling fscadmin.exe respectively fscadmin the commandline help is displayed.

General information about the provided examplesPermanent link for this heading

All given examples were written for Microsoft Windows. If you are using Linux watch out for some differences:

  • In Linux the syntax is a little bit different. Arguments are written with a doubledash (e.g. "--action"). Furthermore there is possibility to shorten the syntax (e.g. "-a" for "--action"). For further information see the fscadmin help.
  • In Linux you might set the hostname as well as the port while in Microsoft Windows these informations are not necessary. Host and port is the listen hostname and port of COO-Service 1. For example:

       fscadmin --host  --port  -a list


Command Line ParametersPermanent link for this heading



      Type of action to execute


      Execute against this service

  [-host ]

      IP address of COO service host

  [-port ]

      TCP port of COO service

  Linux only:


            Kerberos principal for backend communication (optional)

  cleanup, backup, checkconsistency:

    [-logfile ]

            Path to logfile (default: fscadmin.log)


    [-time ]

            Cleanup unreferenced files saved before now-days

    [-areadir ]

            Cleanup specified area

    [-casrange -]

            Restrict to the directories specified by the range (format: xx-xx; e.g. 00-3f)

            This option cannot be used in conjunction with synctobackup or syncfrombackup


            Synchronize CAS areas without removing unreferenced files

    [-synctobackup [,]]

            Synchronize written CAS contents to daily backup directories without removing

            unreferenced files (date format: YYYY-MM-DD)

    [-syncfrombackup [,]]

            Synchronize written CAS contents from daily backup directories without removing

            unreferenced files (date format: YYYY-MM-DD)

  savecache, loadcache:

    [-file ]

        Filename for reading or writing cached object IDs


    [-query ]

            Fabasoft Folio Query for cache initialization



      List all services in this domain


      Cleanup content area


      Backup content area


      Check content consistency


      Save cache of a COO Service


      Load cache of a COO Service


      Load query results in COO Service Caches


      Collect system information

  Linux only:


        Enable or disable the update mode


        Set DTM backup mode for all COO services and

        retrieve a consistent backup state for all

        database instances part of the domain


      ID of a service

      Object address of a service


      Use all services in this domain


Please consider that some of the parameters are not available in older Fabsoft Folio versions.

Examples:Permanent link for this heading

       fscadmin.exe -action list

fscadmin.exe -action backup -service all

fscadmin.exe -action cleanup -service 2 -host -port 18070 -logfile C:\fscmmc1.log -time 30


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