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Last update: 4 August 2017

The SQL Trace is a logging possibility that shows all SQL Statements sent from Fabasoft backend services to the database instance.

Note: After you finished the trace set the Key Value form YES to NO. Please note that enabling SQL trace might have an impact on overall system performance.

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  • Navigate to the following registry key on your backend server. (Your service ID may need to be adapted)
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fabasoft\Fabasoft Components Server\Domain <x.y>\Service <z>\Datasources\Default
  • Create a STRING-Value named TraceSQL with the value YES
  • Restart your Fabasoft COO-Service and start the Fabasoft tracer.exe

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Issue the following command on your backend server. Adjust the domain id and service id to your environment.

su - fscsrv echo -n "yes" > /etc/fabasoft/settings/machine/SOFTWARE/Fabasoft/Fabasoft\ Components\ Server/Domain\ 1.3145/Service\ 1/Datasources/Default/TraceSQL


Restart your Fabasoft COO-Service. The SQL Statements are written into /var/opt/fabasoft/instances/COOService_1_3145_/log/main/current

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