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First published: 26 May 2023 (cw)

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Not all Work Steps are useful in the Mobile app, therefore they are filtered by Fabasoft eGov-Suite default settings. With the current CP it is possible to enable individual Work Steps for the Mobile app.

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Main Customization Point

Currently, only Work Steps with an Action (COOWF@1.1:wfwaction) may be used within the Fabasoft Mobile App. Each desired Action must be configured via customize CPContextExpressions<COOWF@1.1:ActivityInstance, COOELAK@1.1001:FilterMobileWorkItems>.


customize CPContextExpressions<COOWF@1.1:ActivityInstance, COOELAK@1.1001:FilterMobileWorkItems> {

      cfgexpression = expression {










Additionally, take note of the following issues

(1) Ensure to define (appropriate) Work Step Symbols for your Work Steps, because these Symbols are displayed in the Mobile App.


  activity … {


    step Agree leave {

      caption = FSCWFEXT@15.1001:StrWSApprove;

      execute = COOELAK@1.1001:SignApproved;

      symbol = COODESK@1.1:UISymbolClosed;




A missing Symbol Definition or the usage of the Fallback Symbol COODESK@1.1:SymbolNext leads to a confusing multiple Display of this Symbol in the Fabasoft Mobile App.

(2) Currently, also the first Development Approach for Executing Work Steps on the Fabasoft Mobile App still exists: Via Customization Point CPMobileAppMapping (Workflow Web Service Configuration) it was/is possible to define a Replacement for a Virtual Application Work Step to be executed within the Fabasoft Mobile App.

As long as FSCMOBILEAPPS@1.1001:cpusevappsonmobileclientsusevappsonmobile is set to true within the current „Mobile Apps Configuration“, Virtual Applications can directly be executed within the Fabasoft Mobile App and a CPMobileAppMapping is not necessary.

Especially for Signature Wrapper Actions just like COOELAK@1.1001:SignApproved there should be no CPMobileAppMapping for COOELAK@1.1001:ObjectSignObjects.

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