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Last update: 4 August 2017

The Fabasoft Folio backend service handles incoming requests in a thread pool. This article describes how to change the number of threads in the thread pool in case of a necessity.


When you customize your Fabasoft Folio COO-Service threads be aware that your database allows at least the same number of connections. (n of threads * n of COO-Services ; example: 16 threads * 4 Services = 64 connections)

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Edit following path in your Registry: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Fabasoft\Fabasoft Components Server\Domain 10.7780\Service New String Value = „WorkerThreads“ Value of WorkerThreads = n of WorkerThreads


       Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Fabasoft\Fabasoft Components Server\Domain 10.7780\Service 1]



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change the value at /etc/fabasoft/settings/machine/SOFTWARE/Fabasoft/Fabasoft\ Components\ Server/Domain\ 1.3145/Service\ /WorkerThreads


       echo -n "16" > /etc/fabasoft/settings/machine/SOFTWARE/Fabasoft/Fabasoft\ Components\ Server/Domain\ 1.3145/Service\ 1/WorkerThreads



You must edit the WorkerThreads for each service separately. After restarting the Fabasoft Folio COO- or MMC Service your changes will be applied.

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