Fabasoft iArchive Hotfix - Inconsistencies when objects are restoredPermanent link for this heading

Last update: 6 February 2018 (cf)

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Under the prevailing circumstances data changes can occur when archived objects are restored. A hotfix is available from Fabasoft.

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Under the following circumstances data changes or data corruption can occur for involved objects:

  • Fabasoft iArchive is in use, AND
  • CSV migrations are in use to convert object classes from older versions "on-the-fly", AND
  • objects with older object classes were archived with Fabasoft iArchive, AND
  • these objects are restored with the Fabasoft iArchive feature using a CSV migration table

During the restore the following data changes or corruption may occur to the object:

  • The issue only occurs if the object class needs CSV migration.
  • The sort ordering of all non-migrated aggregates of all versions (including current) is reversed (data change)
  • The sort ordering of the version aggregate is reversed, resulting in:
  • the version table cannot be read
  • no version can be read

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A hotfix is available for this issue. Fabasoft urgently recommends customers using Fabasoft iArchive to request and install the available hotfix. Please create a ticket in Fabasoft Service Desk or contact us via support@fabasoft.com and include your version-information and build numbers for quick processing.

Applies toPermanent link for this heading

  • Fabasoft Folio 2009 to 2011 (all quarterly releases)
  • Fabasoft Folio 2012 Winter Release (lower than
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 8.0 SP1
  • Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012 AUT (Release build)

in combination with

  • Fabasoft iArchive

Note: Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2012 DEU, BAY and CHE already include the hotfix.

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Download PDF