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Last update: 23 February 2022 (cf)

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Fabasoft Folio provides Add-Ins for Microsoft Office applications to directly interact with Fabasoft Folio inside of Microsoft Office applications.

As Microsoft stops support for Internet Explorer 11, Fabasoft switches the default library for Office Add-Ins to the recommended Microsoft WebView2 library, starting with Fabasoft Folio 2022.

About Microsoft Edge WebView2Permanent link for this heading

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is an HTML/CSS/JavaScript library based on the Microsoft Edge rendering engine to embed web technologies into native apps.

WebView2 is automatically included as part of the operating system in Microsoft Windows 11.

For earlier Windows versions, WebView2 can be installed by the Evergreen Installer, or deployed by Windows Server Update Services or other deployment tools by the System Administrator.

Furthermore, an application can ship with the WebView2 library inside the app package. This way of supplying WebView2 does not install WebView2 on Windows, and the library is only available for the supplying application.

For more information about WebView2 see: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2/

Fabasoft Folio Client packagesPermanent link for this heading

Starting with Fabasoft Folio 2022 the Fabasoft Folio Client is available in two MSI-Installer packages:

  • FolioClient.msi
  • FolioClient-Win11.msi

The FolioClient.msi package size is about 400 MB and includes the WebView2 library. This installation package is working on every supported client as the WebView2 library is included in the package.

The FolioClient-Win11.msi package size is about 60 MB and does not include the WebView2 library. Installing this package requires to have the WebView2 Runtime already installed, either by using Windows 11 (that already ships with WebView2), or by installing the WebView2 with the Evergreen installer or software distribution.

Using the FolioClient.msiPermanent link for this heading

Whenever the FolioClient.msi is installed, the installer checks, if WebView2 is already available in the operating system.

  • If WebView2 is available in the operating system, the installer does not copy the WebView2 library to the Folio Client directory.
  • If WebView2 is not available in the operating system, the installer will copy the library to the Folio Client directory.
  • In that case, WebView2 library will be used from the Folio Client directory.

As the WebView2 library copied to the Folio Client directory is only updated when installing a newer FolioClient.msi, the operating system does not manage this directory for WebView2 security updates.

Fabasoft recommends:

  • Install Microsoft Edge WebView2 by the Evergreen installer or a software deployment tool to your clients, if WebView2 is not natively included with your Windows version.
  • Thereby, security updates are managed by Windows Update features or your deployment tool.
  • Deploy the FolioClient.msi or FolioClient-Win11.msi to your clients

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