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Last update: 4 August 2017

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The error message "XA_PREPARE failed" with errorcode xaerr= '-3' indicates that the Dirstributed Transaction manager (DTM) could not connect to the Oracle XA-Service.

Whenever this happens the DTM subsequently tries to rollback the transaction. This rollback therefore can not be accomplished because the Oracle Database already rollbacked but without the DTM knowing. From now on the DTM still tries to rollback continuously until a timout is reached.

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To resolve this issue, a start of the COO-Services in the "Recovery Mode" must be done. The "Recovery Mode" implicitly purges the DTM logs. ( http://help.fabasoftfolio.com/doc/Fabasoft-Folio-Distributed-Transaction-Manager/recovery-mode.htm )

Additionally pending transactions must be deleted in the Oracle Database.

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Warning: Please consider that the solution provided below requires a complete domain restart!

Clearing all domain transactionsPermanent link for this heading

After ensuring that the settings described above are correctly configured

  • Stop all COO-services of the affected domain.
    Note: Before stopping the COO-services ensure that all kernel instances have been stopped.
  • Start all COO-services into recovery mode in order to clear all DTM-logs .
  • Once again stop all COO-services
  • Check if there are any pending transactions left on the Oracle database.

       select * from sys.dba_pending_transactions

select * from dba_2pc_pending


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  • Fabasoft Folio (all versions)
  • Fabasoft eGov-suite (all versions)

while using an Oracle database

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