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Last update: 16 May 2022 (ck)

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When Mindbreeze Enterprise 2021 or above is used in conjunction with Fabasoft Folio/eGov-Suite 2022 and later, performance issues with queries can be mitigated by setting a fixed number of query threads per index in the Mindbreeze Configuration.

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The Mindbreeze setting " Query Threads per Index " ( querythreadsperindex ) limits the query threads per index, and by default is 0, that means, Mindbreeze automatically adjusts the thread on it's demand. The automatic mode will highly use multi-threading that in some situations might degrade the performance of the server.

Therefore, with the parameter " Query Threads per Index " ( querythreadsperindex ) setting to a number above 0, Mindbreeze will use the set number of threads.

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The number of threads per index should be calculated for each index individually with this formula:

Number of physical Cores on the Server / Number of Buckets across all Indices on the Server * Number of Buckets in the Index


32 cores / 40 buckets_sum * 18 buckets_index = 14,4 = 15 Query Threads per Index.

The result needs to be entered under " Query Threads per Index " in the " Advanced Settings " of the index.

This also can be set by the command "mesconfig attrset" , example:

mesconfig attrset querythreadsperindex 15 Index[@queryport=23300]
(it is important to include the square brackets in the command)

This will set the option to a value of 15 for the index with query port 23300.

Further performance increasesPermanent link for this heading

Further performance increases can be achieved by setting

  • the option „Enable Precomputed ACLs” to „Force”
  • the option „Number of ACL Precomputation Threads” to the same value as „Query Threads per Index”.

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