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First published: 4 August 2017

Last updated: 2 February 2024

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When receiving multiple hotfixes from Fabasoft Support it is mandatory to apply them in the correct order. Otherwise some components may be overwritten with older versions, thereby reverting hotfixes and possibly leading to system instability.

The easiest way to achieve this, is by creating and maintaining an up to date setup kit as described below. We highly recommend that you back up this kit as it represents the current software level of your installed system.

Note: Depending on your environment it may be necessary to maintain multiple setup kits, please ensure that only the correct setup kit is used to update a System!

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In order to create a consistent installation medium for your system please follow these steps:

Creating the Setup kitPermanent link for this heading

In this step we explain how to create a Setup kit for further use.

  • Copy the contents of the latest installation medium (usually an iso image) to your hard drive.
  • Collect all applicable hotfixes, while making sure they match the installation mediums version and are newer than the installation medium.
  • Copy each hotfix folder structure to the installation folder on you hard drive. Hotfixes usually are arranged to represent the folder structure of the original installation medium (e.g. containing a Setup folder with further folders replacing the original’s kit files). To decide which files to replace please follow the guidelines below:
    • If the timestamps of the installation medium and the extracted Hotfix files are correct, then the newest file should always replace the older file.
      This is the preferred method, as the timestamps are more accurate than a manual ordering.
    • If the timestamps are out of order, please ensure that the hotfixes are applied in the order you have received them.
  • For Linux systems it is mandatory to ensure that all rpm files contained in the installation medium are of the newest version only.
    If any older rpm files are left over from the original installation medium or other hotfixes they must be removed

The above guide is also applicable if you receive a new Setup kit with a newer build, but have Hotfixes that need to be applied anyway.

Maintaining the setup kitPermanent link for this heading

To keep the created kit up to date we recommend that you add any hotfixes to the setup kit before applying them to the system.

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