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Last update: 8 March 2018

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This article describes the steps neccessary to create a debug trace of a third party applicaton, this includes the messages and activities that would normally be visible after attaching the Microsoft Windows Debugger to the application.

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In order to capture the debug messages from the application Fabasoft Tracer "tracer.exe" has to be started on the client and attached to the application's process, for more information about the usage please see Fabasoft Tracer.

Creating the TracePermanent link for this heading

To create the trace the following steps have to be performed:

  • If the debug trace should be recorded from the application startup onwards:

Start the application from inside the Fabasoft Tracer using the menu "Trace->Debug...".

Otherwise attach the Fabasoft Tracer to the already running application using the menu "Trace->Attach..." and the process id of the application that you want to trace.

  • Try to reproduce the problem.
  • When the problem occurs, save the tracer output to a file using the menu "File->Save".
  • Upload the trace file to the Fabasoft Support Service Desk.

Please only start the Fabasoft Tracer when you are ready to reproduce the problem. This ensures that only trace messages that are related to the problem are recorded and helps in the analysis of the trace.

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