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Last update: 31 January 2018

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In Fabasoft Folio/eGov-Suite 2012 to 2014, an issue is known with user/group/position activities, where the backlinks to assigned activities may not be correctly inserted. Due to this the affected activities might not be shown for the assigned user/group/position.

On the other side it is possible, that completed activities may be left over in the assigned activities, this may lead to longer load times if a high number of completed activities is present for a certain user/group/position/organisational unit.

The issue is fixed in current builds of the named product versions. If you do not use a current build or the latest Update Rollup, a hotfix is available from Fabasoft.

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Due to the nature of the issue any user/group/position may be affected but users/groups/positions that are involved in a high number of (parallel) activities are at an especially high risk of being affected. There is currently no known scenario where information on the activity backlink is lost, as only one the user/group/position side of the backlink is lost and may be restored with information stored in the affected activity.

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A hotfix for this issue and all affected versions is available. Please contact Fabasoft Support including your current version and build number.

Due to the nature of the issue the hotfix will only apply to newly created backlinks, therefore the following scripts have been developed to analyse and if necessary fix the activity backlinks in your system.

These scripts are independent of the Hotfix mentioned above and you can run the Collect Activities script on your system now to see if it is affected by the issue.

For instructions on executing the following scripts please refer to the knowledge base article

If you need any further assistance please contact Fabasoft Support.

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Download PDF