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First published: 26. March 2024 (cf)

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The document Administration Help Fabasoft Folio (eng).pdf, explaining common administration and configuration tasks for both Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite, is not available in your your Fabasoft eGov-Suite installation. In Fabasoft Folio, you reach the Administration Help by pressing F1 in the Domain Administration.

The newest version of the document (for the latest Fabasoft Folio version) is available online (Administration Help Fabasoft Folio (eng)).

This article explains how to get this document for your current Fabasoft eGov-Suite installation.

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Fabasoft eGov-Suite provides its own User help (“Benutzerhilfe”) that is available via the F1 hotkey. Your customer solution may provide another help for your organization.

The Administration help therefore is not available directly via the hotkey.

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The Administration Help Fabasoft Folio (eng).pdf is still stored in your Fabasoft eGov-Suite installation, but has no hotkey assigned.

To extract the pdf, follow these steps (see screenshots below):

  • Navigate to the Domain Administration / Object List / Software Components
  • Locate the software component HELPWEBGENERAL (HELPWEBGENERAL@1.1001)
  • Open the software component, and scroll to the Contents property.
  • Open line 1 (Base Name: help:HELPWEBADMINUsrEng.pdf).
  • Download the content.
  • If desired you can import the pdf as any other document to your installation.


Download PDF

Download PDF