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Last update: 15. November 2023

This script traces all configuration values of the domain and all tenants.

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The script automatically searches for the configurations of the domain and all tenants.

  • Unzip and copy the file TraceDomainConfig.txt onto a server that has the Fabasoft Folio Kernel installed.
  • In the script, you optionally can enable verbose mode, or disable the output of versions of the configuration objects.
  • Execute the following command, in the context of an administrator or service user, from inside the directory where you copied the script to:
    fsceval -file TraceDomainConfig.txt -tracetoconsole 2> config.tro    

Please ensure that you execute this command using the normal shell, or CMD.exe on Windows, because some alternative shells like PowerShell modify the trace output in significant ways!

The runtime of the script may be very long, possibly one hour or more, depending on the size of your domain.

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After finishing execution, a file named config.tro should exist in the current directory, this file will contain trace output that includes all current configurations of your domain and tenants.