How to use the Fabasoft Support Service DeskPermanent link for this heading

Last update: 26 January 2024

Within the Fabasoft Support Service Desk in the Fabasoft Cloud you have the possibility to get technical support to your specific problem from a Fabasoft product expert.

This article describes how to use the Fabasoft Support Service Desk in the Fabasoft Cloud.

OverviewPermanent link for this heading

A ticketing teamroom is your entry point. You can easily create new tickets, or view and edit existing tickets.

The teamroom shows all existing tickets with the current processing state. A description of the processing states can be found in a separate section in this document ("Possible Processing States").

Create a new TicketPermanent link for this heading

Please click "Create Ticket" in the left navigation (Actions) to create a new ticket. In the following form you have to enter the key data to your specific request. Note that the more precisely you describe your problem, the faster Fabasoft Support can deliver a solution.

If you want to upload attachments (e.g. screenshots or log files), you can either drag & drop objects into the „Attachments“ field or press the upload button and browse through your local filesystem. It is possible to upload every file type available in the Fabasoft Cloud and if your file type is not supported, it is stored as a content object. We recommend putting the files in a ZIP container before uploading them. Please note that there is a limit for the maximum file size depending on your Fabasoft Cloud Edition.

It is also possible to reference an already existing object from your Fabasoft Cloud. In the „Referenced Tickets and Product Changes“ you can reference to other tickets as well as product changes.

After creating a ticket, it will be processed by our Fabasoft Support team. If the support engineer responds to your ticket you will see a change of the processing state and you will receive an email.

Open an existing TicketPermanent link for this heading

  • If you want to get more details to an existing ticket, or if you want to add additional information, open it with a single click. Another way to open an existing ticket is by clicking on the button „Open Ticket“ in the email-notification you receive after an answer from Fabasoft Support.
  • All relevant data is available on the displayed form. The communication is displayed chronological with the latest entry always on top.
  • Now you have the following possibilities:
  • Answer: You can always add additional messages and/or attachments to your ticket, as long as it is not closed.
  • Close Ticket: Please close the ticket if your problem has been solved or your question is answered.
  • Send: You can send an object pointer of your ticket.

Create follow-up TicketPermanent link for this heading

The use-case "Create follow-up Ticket" enables you to create a new ticket based on an existing one. You will be able to create a new ticket within one of the ticketing teamrooms you have access to. Following the corresponding wizard, you can select attachments and copy parts of the conversation of the current ticket you want to attach to the new ticket. Using “Create follow-up Ticket” you are able to continue working on an already closed ticket.

Possible Processing States Permanent link for this heading



Work in Progress

A support engineer has been dedicated to your request and is currently working on it.

Waiting for Customer

The support engineer has additional questions concerning your request or offers a possible solution to your problem. Please provide the information needed or test the solution. If the solution works, please close the ticket. If not, you can reply to the dedicated support engineer with "Answer".


The ticket has been closed and your problem is solved.


The ticket has exceeded the retention period and has been anonymized for privacy reasons. Please note that we will automatically anonymize tickets after 10 years if not agreed upon otherwise.

ResearchPermanent link for this heading

You do not know in which ticket a concrete topic has been discussed or you are looking for an overview of your product changes? Use the Fabasoft Cloud search to find the matching objects very quick. All metadata and all attachments will be considered for the search. Mindbreeze is used for this research functionality.

Product ChangesPermanent link for this heading

For required product changes the Fabasoft Support creates objects of the class „Product Change“. These objects are linked to their corresponding tickets and vice versa, and you can track the processing state of your reported wishes or product changes.

Especially for product problems there are possibilities to get a hotfix for the concrete problem under certain circumstances. The regulations are described in your service agreement with Fabasoft.

If a hotfix will be created, the handling will be done in the ticket. Hotfixes will also be documented in product changes. The state of the ticket remains "Work in Progress" while the hotfix will be created or "Waiting for Customer" when the hotfix is sent to you.

In any other cases at product problems or at product wishes the ticket will be closed because of no more required actions of Fabasoft Support.

Product changes can be found via the Fabasoft Cloud search.

If you have any questions concerning a product change, please create a new ticket and reference the product change object in the „Referenced Tickets and Product Changes“.