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If an object is marked as virus infected, it can no longer be finalized or definalized. The object must first be treated before further work can be carried out on it

eGov16566, eGov16544

An error when inheriting the properties “Change Access (Individual)” (COOELAK@1.1001:objsecchangeindividual) and “Read Access (Individual)” (COOELAK@1.1001:objsecreadindividual) has been fixed, so the inheritance works correctly again (Edition AUT)


When sending to the Governikus MultiMessenger, the sender previously preferred the XTA Address from the Person/Organisation-object (COOSYSTEM@1.1:objmaster) of the current user. If the Person object of the current user contains a different XTA-Address than the User object, this could lead to undesired behavior. Therefore, only the XTA-Address from the User object is used for the sender (Edition DEU)

eGov16516, eGov16484

When the Fair Copy is generated, the error DEVEXT@15.1001:ERR_CBUFFENTRYNOTEXISTS is no longer displayed in the logs or in the tracer, as the content buffer is always empty at this point


Copying text in the viewer using Ctrl+C is possible again


An error that occurred when capturing documents to a file with different groups has been fixed (Edition AUT)

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Internal builds

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Object information when signing

The Sign dialog now offers the option of displaying additional information via the button “Object information”. Clicking on the button opens a new window with the configured information of the object to be signed. If several objects are marked for signing, a selection dialog is displayed beforehand to select the object for which the additional information is to be displayed.

Whether the button should be displayed is defined via the rule “Show branch for object information in signing dialog” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:CtxShowObjectInformationBranch). The form itself can be configured with the trigger EGOVBASE@15.1001:OpenObjectInformationInPluginApp


If the type “Procedure” is selected when creating objects of object class “Created on Definition”, the navigation elements react in accordance with the following page in the dialog


Group-related work: Take over

For activities that have been assigned to a specific group, members of the group can adopt the activity in the worklist via the Context Menu and via the Task Pane Menu “Take over” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:MenuTakeOverActivity) to take over the activity and thus assign it themselves. The activity then disappears from the worklist of the other members. The menu is visible as long as the activity has not yet been started, after which it is only available to the user who has started the activity


When importing encrypted emails via the Outlook application, it could happen that the dialog could not be closed in the event of an error. The problem has been fixed


Fixing annotations for rotated PDFs now works correctly again


Fixed an error when creating the Fair Copy if new addressees were added afterwards and the Fair Copy was then created again

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