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The customization point for evaluating the Workflow Participant with the former trigger “Returnreceipt: Workflow user” (FSCGOVDLV@1.1001:CtxDeliveryResponseWFUser) for return receipt processing now does not return a User (COOSYSTEM@1.1:User) but a Compound Type COOWF@1.1:WorkFlowParticipant . Therefore the affected trigger of the customization point has also been renamed from FSCGOVDLV@1.1001:CtxDeliveryResponseWFUser to FSCGOVDLV@1.1001:CtxDeliveryResponseWFParticipant . This will allow Process Participants to be determined more dynamically in the future


The SOAP actions FSCGOVXML@1.1001:SOAPFinalizeObject and FSCGOVXML@1.1001:SOAPDispatchObject have been adapted to so that the same validations are now performed as when the use cases are executed in the Fabasoft Webbrowser Client. This means that the use cases cannot be executed via SOAP if they cannot be executed via the Fabasoft Webbrowser Client and are acknowledged with a corresponding error message


In the query against the ZMR, the amendment to the Meldegesetz has been implemented and thus the following genders are supported in the query:

  • Diverse
  • Inter
  • Open
  • Not specified

If the new ZMR service is queried without this extension, the new genders will be ignored and the gender will not be filled in Fabasoft eGov-Suite (Edition AUT)


The extension of SOAP actions via a custom schema in the data node now works correctly again


Annotating and blackening is now possible even if the client's time zone is different from the server's time zone


When the Wirk Item "Print" was executed on several activities at the same time, an update problem occurred in the selection dialog. The problem has been fixed (Edition CCA, Edition DEU)


When importing encrypted e-mails via Outlook, it is possible to select whether the e-mails should be decrypted. The functionality is available in the context menu applications Deposit and Capture


When opening E-Mails (MIME) (FSCMIME@1.1001:MIMEObject) it is checked if the property “E-Mail Attachments Stored Separately” (COOMAPI@1.1:contentreduced) is set. If this is the case and the content of the e-mail contains a PDF then no attempt is made to combine the content of the e-mail with the attachments. Instead the PDF content of the e-mail will be opened


If a document is duplicated using an identical copy, the properties “Document State” (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:objdocstate) and “Processing State” (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:objdocstate) are also copied

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