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In the query against the ZMR, the amendment to the Meldegesetz has been implemented and thus the following genders are supported in the query:

  • Diverse
  • Inter
  • Open
  • Not specified

If the new ZMR service is queried without this extension, the new genders will be ignored and the gender will not be filled in Fabasoft eGov-Suite (Edition AUT)


The maximum file size of 40 MB specified by Governikus for sending to Mutli Messenger is checked during the sending process. An error is displayed if the file size is exceeded (Edition DEU)

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A CSV migration from the properties “State” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtcategory) to the new properties “State” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtcategory) has been performed. This migration was not performed during the introduction of the object class “Definition” and is therefore now made up for (Edition CHE)


eGovForms is working correctly again


Fixed an error in the Signatureclient where the dialog was not closed correctly after executing a use case


Logging of SOAP requests and non-logging of RTR requests works fully again. Log files are named correctly depending on the type (SOAP or REST)


In the Splitview, the button “Open in New Window” is no longer available when using macOS as the operating system, because Fabasoft Folio Client does not support this feature on macOS


The properties “Login credentials for Mail-Import ” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:emailcredentials) and “Path to import fileshare folder” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:fileshare) have been hidden for the end user. For security reasons, the settings may only be changed by administrators


If an error is thrown when generating the PDF overview, this error is no longer displayed in the overview, but the standard dialog: " Error during conversion. Please contact your system administrator.". This prevents security-related error messages from being read by the user
However, the actual error is stored on the object itself via a technical event. The administrator can then view and correct the error


When dispatching an Outgoing with SMTP, an error was fixed when a document contains a "." at the end of the name


On mobile devices (e.g. iPad or iPhone), an error was displayed due to a misbehavior when opening the overview of objects. This misbehavior has been fixed


The content of the Workflow Notification "Activity Was Taken Over” has been restored

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