Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2023 April Release (23.4.0)Permanent link for this heading

Build (June 27, 2023)Permanent link for this heading


A CSV migration from the properties “State” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtcategory) to the new properties “State” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtcategory) has been performed. This migration was not performed during the introduction of the object class “Definition” and is therefore now made up for (Edition CHE)


The properties “Login credentials for Mail-Import ” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:emailcredentials) and “Path to import fileshare folder” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:fileshare) have been hidden for the end user. For security reasons, the settings may only be changed by administrators


If an error is thrown when generating the PDF overview, this error is no longer displayed in the overview, but the standard dialog: " Error during conversion. Please contact your system administrator.". This prevents security-related error messages from being read by the user
However, the actual error is stored on the object itself via a technical event. The administrator can then view and correct the error


When dispatching an Outgoing with SMTP, an error has been fixed that occurred when a document contains a "." at the end of the name


The content of the Workflow Notification "Activity Was Taken Over” has been restored

Build (May 25, 2023)Permanent link for this heading


Fixed a bug that caused the signature to stop working with Java 17 (Edition CCA, Edition AUT)

Build (May 10, 2023)Permanent link for this heading


In the Signature Client, the preconditions of the Work steps are evaluated to calculate the availability of Work steps

Build (April 27, 2023)Permanent link for this heading


Signature Client (Widget): When prescribing to another user or using a template, the respective attribute name is always shown, even if only one property is visible in the dialog. For this purpose, the parameter "alwaysshowlabel" has been added to the usecase FSCSIGNCLIENT@15.1001:SignatureClientGenericApplication (Edition AUT)


An error in the sorting control (top right) when printing files has been fixed


The following display errors have been corrected in the Research/Searchfolder Administration:

  • If several Research orders are selected, the menu “Processing-Functions” is not available in the context menu
  • If several Searchfolder Administration are selected, the menu “Processing-Functions” and the menu “Admin Functions” are not available in the context menu
  • The properties “Including subordinate Subjectareas” (FSCRESEARCH@15.1001:researchcontainerderived) and “Including subordinate groups” (FSCRESEARCH@15.1001:researchgroupderived) are hidden if the property “Subjectarea” (FSCRESEARCH@15.1001:researchcontainer) or “Group” (FSCRESEARCH@15.1001:researchgroup) is not displayed

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