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Previous behavior: If a Delivery Notification was transmitted as an error with a status of 507, the status of the Return Receipt was set to the status “Not delivered”

New behavior: If a Delivery Notification is sent as an error with a status 507, the status of the Return Receipt is set to the status “Delivered” (Edition AUT)

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In the query against the ZMR, the amendment to the Meldegesetz has been implemented and thus the following genders are supported in the query:

  • Diverse
  • Inter
  • Open
  • Not specified

If the new ZMR service is queried without this extension, the new genders will be ignored and the gender will not be filled in Fabasoft eGov-Suite (Edition AUT)


When fixing annotations for PDF files whose coordinate origin does not comply with the PDF standard, the annotation will be positioned correctly. Previously, they were positioned incorrectly due to the different coordinate origin

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A CSV migration from the properties “State” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (CHPRECONFIG@1.1001:dtcategory) to the new properties “State” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtstate) and “Category” (EGOVTEMPLATE@15.1001:dtcategory) has been performed. This migration was not performed during the introduction of the object class “Definition” and has therefore been triggered now (Edition CHE)


In the Splitview, the button “Open in New Window” is no longer available when using macOS as the operating system, because the Fabasoft Folio Client does not support this feature on macOS


The properties “Login credentials for Mail-Import ” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:emailcredentials) and “Path to import fileshare folder” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:fileshare) have been hidden for the end user. For security reasons, the settings may only be changed by administrators


If an error is thrown when generating the PDF overview, this error is no longer displayed in the overview, but the standard dialog: " Error during conversion. Please contact your system administrator.". This prevents security-related error messages from being read by the user
However, the actual error is stored on the object itself via a technical event. The administrator can view and correct the error


The content of the Workflow Notification "Activity Was Taken Over” has been restored

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No changes

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eGov15308, eGov14995

The application “Open in New Window” can display overviews of mail merges. Previously the overview of these objects was not displayed

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If an activity was opened with an object instance to which no read permission existed, then an endless loop occurred. Subsequently, the activity view was not opened. The problem has been fixed


When submitting a Return Receipt to the FSCDLVCFM interface, the request could not be processed in a Linux system with a Tomcat 8 and a ClassCast error occurred. This error did not occur on Windows. The error in the Return Receipt transmission to a Linux system has been fixed (Edition AUT)

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If the Delivery Notification from phase 2 is used for processing the Return Receipts, the status of the Return Receipt now remains “Delivered” if the delivery item has not been picked up by the recipient. Previously, the status was incorrectly set to “Not delivered” (Edition AUT)


The toolbar has been extended with the menu “Page Overview” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:MenuPageOverview)


In the Sample Conversion, the converted content can now be opened again via the button "Open". For this purpose, a separate link has been added in the view that opens the overview

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The Admin action “Transfer column settings” has been adjusted to work again after activating the App “Customizing”.

An empty app profile FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:CustomizingAppProfile has been added to App “Customizing” (FSCTEMPLATEMGMT@1.1001:AppTemplateManagement) so that the object classes from the software component FSCTEMPLATEMGMT are not automatically available for searching and creating after activating App “Customizing”.

After activating the App “Customizing”, when the user logs in for the first time all Ad Hoc Process Templates and Display Settings of the user are migrated to the user's “Templates and Presettings”, which the user has created or for which the user is entered as owner. If the Standard ACL of the object class is not stored in the objects found or additional authorizations have been assigned via Change Access or Read Access, then these objects are stored in the new property “Not migrated Objects”, which is visible in the “Templates and Presettings”, if it is not empty.

The new bulk job FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:BulkMigrateCustomizingDisplayViews searches for View Settings with the property “Displayed Columns” (FSCTEMPLATEMGMT@1.1001:flddispcolumns) set and removes the entry with the property “All Properties” (COOSYSTEM@1.1:classallattributes) from the View Settings. That way the old form page for the View Settings is displayed again. Furthermore, for each property in “Applicable for” a row is created in the View Settings.

If a View Setting only has one row with the values “Object” and “All Properties” (COOSYSTEM@1.1:classallattributes) in the property “Applicable for”, then no migration is performed because no property is available for a unique mapping.

The following changes have been made to “Templates and Presettings”, “Collections for Templates and Presettings” and “Customizing Configuration”:

  • The menus “Create Template”, “Create Process” and “Synchronize” are no longer displayed
  • In the properties “Personal Presettings” and “Presettings” the property “Applicable for” is additionally displayed as a column
  • In the context menu of “Collections for Templates and Presettings” the menus “Show New Events” , “Register as” , “Download” and “Duplicate” were removed
  • In the context menu of “Collections for Templates and Presettings” the menu “PDF” was present twice, so it was removed once

The properties “My templates for ad-hoc processes” and “Prescription templates of my group” are hidden when the App “Customizing” is activated. The Ad Hoc Process Templates in the used Workflow Preferences are not removed, because after the automatic migration of the Ad Hoc Process Template after activating the App, the non-migrated objects are still available.

When a Group is created, the App “Customizing” is automatically stored within the Group.

When using the App “Customizing”, only those Column Settings that were created for the current list are displayed when overwriting existing Column Settings.

With the new menu “Change assignment” (FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:MenuChangeAssignment), Display Settings and Ad Hoc Process Templates can be moved between “Collections for Templates and Presettings” and “Templates and Presettings”. Mapping is also possible using drag and drop as well as copy and paste.

When moving, the following properties are available in the new assignment:

  • “Changetype” (FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:changeassignment) indicates whether the original object or a duplicate is to be moved
  • “Save in” (FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:fldsaveastarget) indicates in which collection or personal preset the object should be saved. This property is only visible when assigned via the menu. All collections for presets to which the user has modification rights, as well as the user's personal presets are available
  • “Use settings for all objects” (FSCORGCONFIG@15.1001:useassignmentsettingsforallobjects) indicates whether the settings such as “ChangeType”, “Save in” and approval are to be adopted for all subsequent objects. This property is only visible if more than one object is assigned

In the Dashboard view, assigning objects using drag and drop to the properties “Personal Processes” and “Personal Presettings” is not possible. In this case, the menu as well as copy and paste can be used.

The following changes have been made to the display of the object class “Personal Presettings”:

  • The property “Peresonal Templates” is no longer displayed
  • The menus “Show New Events” , “Create Presetting” and “Create Process” have been removed

After activating the App “Customizing”, the new View Settings are displayed in the search result.

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The ribbon application “Use Version” is available for selection if versions exist on the object. Previously it happened that the application was inactivated unintentionally


Department Administrators can import or create PDF and email objects on their desktop (Edition AUT)


The Task Pane menus “Copy” (COODESK@1.1:MenuEditCopyDirect) , “Send Link” (FSCVENVUI@1.1001:MenuSendAsPointerDirect) , “Properties” (COODESK@1.1:MenuOpenObjectAttributesDirect) and “Time Travel” (FSCTIMETRAVEL@1.1001:MenuManageTimeTravel) have been removed for objects of the Objectclass “Inbox”. The menu “Move” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:MenuMoveToInbox) becomes visible only when for uses with more than a single inbox. The tab “Documents” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:inboxdocuments) has been renamed to “Captured incomings” . The tab “Inbox” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:inboxcontents) has been renamed to “Documents to be captured” . The menu “Cleanup Inbox” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:MenuCleanupInbox) has been removed, instead an automatic cleanup is triggered by adding or removing items from the tabs “Captured incomings” and “Documents to be captured” depending on the respective Inbox cleanup expressions. A new tab “Last Finished” (FSCVGOV@1.1001:lastfinisheddocuments) has been added for the Inbox, which lists the 100 most recent items that will be removed from the “Captured incomings” list by the automatic cleanup


Added a CSV migration for Fileplans (FSCVGOV@1.1001:CtxHomeFileplanRoot) and Inboxes (FSCVGOV@1.1001:CtxHomeInboxRoot) so that these widgets are still not visible after updating from version 2019 if they have been visible before updating.

After an update from version 2019, the Bulk Job FSCUIEXT@15.1001:MigrateHomeWidgetSettings must be executed to ensure that previously hidden widgets are not visible after updating


When evaluating the Profile of the dispatching organisation for Dual Delivery, Supergroups are considered (Edition CCA, Edition AUT)

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The conversion from PDF to PDFA [2/3]b now generates smaller files, previously it could happen that files grew in size exponentially


When transferring Outgoings to a Linked Domain, the “Individual Dispatch Attachments” (COOELAK@1.1001:addrindividualdispobjs) and “Decision for Addressees” (COOELAK@1.1001:dispobjs) are also transferred

eGov15088, eGov15043

When working continuously in the worklist preview for a longer period of time, the rare behavior that the web service gets a stack overflow error no longer occurs


Closed files are taken into account during “Set SubjectAreas” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:MenuSetFileplanOnSubjectArea), as long as the property “Preserve closed files” (ELAKGOV@1.1001:preserveclosed) within the corresponding Subject Area is set


The enumeration type “Gender” (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:Sex) has been extended by the values “Open” , ”Inter” and “Not specified” (Edition CCA, Edition AUT)
The value “Diverse” has been removed from the enumeration type “Gender” (FSCFOLIO@1.1001:Sex) (Edition CHE)


When reorganizing, activities that are “Suspended” are also found

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When navigating to the list view “Last Finished” of the inbox, the current list content is automatically updated. Previously, the list has only been updated after pressing the task pane menu “Refresh”


For testing the Governikus Data Aeonia implementation, the online test system of Governikus is used from now on

In addition, our implementation for the Evidence record and the Governikus Data Aeonia tests in general have been adapted to the test system (Edition DEU)


The menu entry „Open Teamroom Wastebasket“ (FSCDMS@15.1001:OpenTRWastebasket) in the task pane of folders is displayed only if the wastebasket of the parent teamroom exists


When delegating activity instances, an error message could occur if mandatory Work Items had not been performed yet. The problem has been fixed


When creating Time Intervals, Search Forms and Template Categories, they are no longer automatically stored in the Templates and Presettings


When undocking the overview in the Splitview of Documents, an object lock could occur if the view was previously switched from read to edit mode. The problem has been fixed


Direct import of documents into Register Sheets is possible again. Previously an error occured (Edition CCA)

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Objects that are marked for deletion are only available for further editing to a limited extent now. New objects can no longer be stored within objects that are marked for deletion. All corresponding (context) menu actions have been hidden. Adding via the property “Refers to” (COOELAK@1.1001:referrednumber) is not possible anymore

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When using the “Templates and Presettings”, when saving “Ad Hoc Process Template” the “Personal Presettings” respectively the “Collections for Templates and Presettings” are offered as location


The handling of return reciepts from the Vendo delivery service has been modified so that it is now also stored when a delivery item was picked up. This return receipt is classified as P6 after a P11 return receipt (Edition AUT)


The menu “Update children” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:MenuUpdateSubjectAreaChildren) in the context menu of Subject Areas has been adapted as follows:

  • After each treated subordinate object, the changes are applied immediately. This reduces the transaction size
  • The execution of the menu is visualized with a progress bar
  • The available “Properties” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:uscproperties) are immediately displayed in the dialog “Settings” (previously it was necessary to add them to the list first). By means of selection the desired properties can be compiled


The polling mechanism to the Vendo delivery service has been improved in the following points:

  • It now handles each return receipt individually. This prevents the transaction from becoming too large
  • Possible errors are now displayed better, which facilitates error analysis

(Edition AUT)


The Task Pane menu “Public Links” (FSCTEAMROOM@1.1001:MenuEditPublicAccessCTRLTeam) of Teamrooms is displayed regardless of whether public links exist. Previously, at least one had to exist

  • The property “Public Links for This Object” (COOSYSTEM@1.1:objpublicaccess) and the menu item “Access Protocol” have been removed from the Formpage “Public Links”
  • The feature to create Public Links to Teamrooms has been disabled


The Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2023 documents have been updated


The action “Validate Property” (FOLIOEX@15.1001:ValidateProperty) returns the value "true" if a Customization Point entry configured for this purpose does not return a value


Added a new action to verify a hash from the passed content or string with an existing hash. If the two hash values match the value true, otherwise false is returned
The action DEVEXT@15.1001:CompareHashes needs the parameters Content or String, the Hash Type and the hash to compare


In the “Basic Settings”, the property “Show Advanced Properties for Activities” (COOWF@1.1:usrenvshowadvactivitiesprops) is available on the “Workflow” tab for administrative roles. When the setting is activated, additional information is displayed in the properties of an activity. Among others, the aggregate “Work Items” (COOWF@1.1:actinstwork) known from previous version is visible using this setting


The Formpage “Discussion” (EGOVBASE@15.1001:PageShowDiscussion) has been modified so that inserted images are also displayed in the property “Discussion entries” (COOELAK@1.1001:discussionentries)


Fixed a porting error when transferring the action COOELAK@1.1001:ResolveOUHierarchy from Java to Expression, which caused the return parameter "origin" to stop being filled


The default propagation of signatures (=propagation takes place according to the property “Propagated Modifications of Properties” of the respective object class) is deactivated

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